Posted by: Todd Long | February 15, 2008

Virtual Tour Camera

Century 21 Hecht Realty-Mooresville Lobby 

CENTURY 21 Hecht Realty subscribes to a service called RealBiz360 to provide high definition virtual tours to our clients.  We primarly service the Lake Norman area which has a lot of people moving in from out of town.  Pictures are very imporatant for buyers who are making buying decisions before they arrive to the area.

One of my agents, Rob  Johnston, has recently purchased the Kodak EasyShare V705 camera through RealBiz360.  This camera features a wide angle lense which is a great feature for Real Estate agents who often have to work in tight spaces such as bedrooms, kitchens and baths.  A standard digital camera often can not capture the true feel in a home.  The other great feature about this camera that relates to RealBiz360 is that it stitches panoramic photos like the one above IN THE CAMERA!  It is very simple to do because it give you a fraction of the previous pictue overlaid in the view finder with the image of what you are taking next.  This helps to make sure the twp photos will have enough detail to stitch them together.  Rob  Johnston took the photo above in about 30 seconds with 3 snaps of  the camera holding it in his  hand with no tripod.  RealBiz360 is offering a promotional rate on this camera for under $275 for subscribers to their service.



  1. Todd, the pictures I took using my Kodak P880 were stitched together in Realbiz360 just fine. My camera has a 28 mm wide angle lens, so I can shoot a panorama to stich together with just a few shots. I do use a tripod, and the realbiz software has to do the stitching, but it works well. The adavnatage for me with the P880 is the wide angle lens makes rooms appear natuarlly more spacious. Narrower lenses understate the size of rooms in a lot of cases. But I saw the camera Rob bought, and I think it’s a great deal. Anyone wanting one better get one from Realbiz360 while they can, because when they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

  2. I see your recommendation to get a camera soon…Do you recommend the P880 over the V705?

    I am very interested. Please let me know. Many thanks, Kathryn

  3. […] Camera Recommendation Previously I have recommended here the Kodak EasyShare V705.   Although I still like that camera I’ve been using a new camera to the market for about 3 […]

  4. I have a new recommendation now.

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