Posted by: Todd Long | February 27, 2008

Mooresville area is growing, again!

I don’t get out to actually show real estate all that much because I am a non-competing Broker-in-Charge, which means any clients that come to this company looking for a real estate agent, work with one of the 42 agents under my charge.  From time to time I have a personal friend or family member who wants to buy or sell real estate and I help them to keep sharp so to speak.  I’ve been out showing a friend of mine real estate the past few weekends.  Yes, he’s with a Sprint Cup race team which is a growing trend here as well. 

As I have been showing my friend house it really hit home just how much this area around Lake Norman is booming.  New developments, new commercial properties, and plenty of traffic on the roads.  I really enjoy being in an area were people want to live and are trying to get moved here.  I can’t imagine living in NJ were I saw a study about 6 months ago that  said 40% of people polled in NJ would leave the state if given the opportunity. 

Here, we just seem to keep seeing people moving this way.  It’s just a lot of fun because there are always new restaurants, entertainment and new people from all over the country to meet.


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