Posted by: Todd Long | April 18, 2008

Writing a Real Estate contract

It got just a little more difficult this year to write a proper Real Estate contract when the North Carolina Real Estate Commission and the North Carolina Bar Association got together and changed our standard Offer to Purchase and Contract from 5 pages to 7 pages long.

Our Century 21 Hecht Realty Office got a head of these changes early.  We did our yearly required Continuing Education early this year to get the new contract in front of the agents as well as having several in-house training classes for agents to discuss changes and revisions. 

Each time a Listing agreement, Offer to Purchase or Closing happens in my office with one of my agents I review the file for accuracy.  I am please to say that the agents in my office write some of the best contract that can be written.  And I’m not going to point fingers but I have seen contracts that were written by Buyer’s Agent’s presented to our Listing Agents that were an absolute mess and not in the best interest of the buyer or seller!  Luckily my agents know what things to correct and they are 9 times out of 10 correct by the time I see it.  That is really cool!  I really enjoy working with people who care to get it done right, the first time.  If you need an agent like this just call the office at 704-664-3165.  I’m confident enough to say that anyone that answers the phone can get it done right, the first time!



  1. Thanks Todd! We all put in a lot of hours and training to make sure that it is completed correctly. It is reassuring to know that the effort is noticed. I think that I speak for everyone at Century21 Hecht’s Mooresville office when I say that we are very grateful to the administrative staff, internet staff, our BIC and to each other for the guidance and assistance provided! Thank you!
    CENTURY21 HECHT #1!!!

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