Posted by: Todd Long | June 27, 2008

Tough place to work!


Yeah it’s a tough crowd around here.  Thanks to a Jami Russo for the cartoon drawing of me!  Jami is the 12 year old daughter of Christy Russo, our office Secretary.  Jami drew a few caricatures of me this week, on our office white board, before going to volleyball camp each day this week.  For some reason she has the impression all I do is play golf.  I’ll have to have a conversation with her mom about that! 🙂 Actually this is a very good caricature; She got my hair style, blue eyes and facial hair correct and of course the Century 21 Gold Jacket is a necessity, even when playing golf.  My wife had a good laugh at the fact that I am wearing a gold jacket and shorts!  She also liked the Century 21 Gold Post as the flag stick.  Nice work Jami!



  1. Todd
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