Posted by: Todd Long | August 5, 2008

Charlotte Extreme Home Makeover

ABC has a show called Extreme Home Makeover.  They typically take a family in need of a new home, send them on a week long vacation and build them a new home during that week.  This past week they have been in Charlotte

I’m proud to say my father, Darrell Long, was one of the volunteers who took a leadership role on this project.  He has been leading Mission building teams of 20-30 individuals for years to places such as Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and most recently lead teams to Cuba and Nicaragua.  So he is very skilled at leading groups of fairly unskilled works on extreme building projects.  Oh, and he has been a general contractor for 30+ years.

Well he got placed on the 10pm-4am night shift for day one of this build but it evidently didn’t take the American Homes representatives on site to see he had skill because after going home for a 1 hour break he and his 3 person crew of skilled friend were called back for a 24 hour straight run of work.  He has told me he had a great experience.  Evidently when ever they ran into an issue such as the stairs to the second floor did not come correctly from the manufacture and needed major alteration, they came to him and said drop whatever your doing, “do you know how to fix this”.  He did and they had to be fixed to get everyone to the second floor to continue the build.  Then they got to the second floor and the master shower was incorrect.  Again, he could fix it. 

I know from experience that he thrives on this type of fast paced, solving problems type of activity.  He was absolutely worn out Saturday night when my wife and I visited the job site but he was grinning from ear to ear telling us all about his experience on this project.  The family who will get this house will enjoy it I am sure but I know there are a lot of volunteers that will remember this experience forever.  I know he and his 3 friends that volunteered where among a group invited to a cast party of sorts last night with the cast and crew of the show, as a sign of appreciation of his work.  I can’t wait to hear about that experience and of course my wife wants to know if he got his picture made with Ty! 

To see a picture of Darrell click on this link and he is in the third row of pictures.  His friend Drake, who has been on mission trips with him before is to the right on that row.

It’s funny that the family who had this home build for them went to Puerto Rico on vacation and the week before the build my father had been hosting a group of about 30 kids and adults from Puerto Rico here in NC. 


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