Posted by: Todd Long | September 9, 2008

Moving a house

I have been sent this video today and it reminded me of the time a partner and I moved a home.  This video was shot by one of the founders of Zillow.  I remember moving a house a few years ago from the new entrance of Fox Den Country Club in Statesvill to a street off of Buffalo Shoals rd.  The move itself was quite an undertaking but the prep work before the move and the ensuing reconstruction/remodeling afterwards was more work than I ever imagined.  It is funny how we came to be the owners of this home that had to be moved.  A friend of mine “bird dogged” this for us one day and I called for details.  The owners were taking bids until the end of the month and the high bid would get the property.  After doing  our due diligence to analyze the cost of the move, lot purchase, holding cost, remodeling, new well/septic tank and so on we decided to bid a whole $250 for the house.  We knew there was no way we would get it for this amount but it was going to be a lot of work if we did so we felt a low bid was in order.  Well, of course we got the call that we were the winning bidder and the move began!

If you are considering a house move, give me a call and I’ll be happy to tell you about my experience. -Todd


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