Posted by: Todd Long | September 10, 2008

Lake Norman and Iredell-Statesville Schools Redistricting Meeting

Tonight Dr. Holiday opened the educational meeting on proposed attendance line changes for the ISS schools.  The meeting was held at the Lake Norman High School and additional meetings will be held at the other area High Schools in coming weeks and months.  Dr. Holiday explained that we currently have 21,350 students in the district which is the same as last year.  The last time we did not have an increase in students was in 1992!  For 2009-2010 we have 24,000 seats available with 22,000 projected students.  Unfortunately that doesn’t mean the students are located where the seats are avaiable.

Dr. Holiday then turned the meeting over to John Chester of the UNCC Urban Institute who is the consultant charged with evaluating the proposed change in school lines.  John and his team have not yet begun the actually process of redistricting and will not until they get the input of the community and get the current numbers of students and location of those students.  Tonight he laid out the challenges facing his team. 

-The schools in the southern end of Iredell County are projected to be over capacity with any future growth and there is nowhere to expand.  Many of the current facilities can not be expanded due to water shed issues and land is far to expensive to make land acquisition feasible with the current budget give to the school system.  We are land locked by Mecklenburg County to the South, Lake Norman to the West and a seperate Mooresville Graded Schools system to the East.  Because of the shape of our county we must move North.

-Redistrict in a way that last the longest without additional changes.

Of course there were many concerned citizens about their property value changing with the change of school lines.  I believe the school demographic change will cause the school test scores to change and therefore the school ratings.  From what I can tell we have a very strong school district and that will not change with the redrawing of school lines and should not have a significant impact on property values over the long run.  I could be wrong ……… I often am. 

The outline for this entire process will be as follows:

-Fall/Winter UNCC Urban Institute developes recommendations

-January recommendation presented to the School Board

-Feb/March Present to public

-April Present final recommendations to the Board

-May 11th Board review/vote

-Fall 2009 will be the change



  1. when will the kids and parents know what the new lines be

  2. Melonie,
    Fall of 2009 is the targeted deadline for now.

  3. I am currently building. This is outrageous. Had I known about this, I would not have purchased.

  4. Susan, I totally understand your concern. Many people have voiced similar concerns at the area meetings. I also understand that we are land locked and have to have places for kids to go to school. The room for those schools is to the north. Please come to the next area meeting at Lake Norman High School, Tuesday, February 17. It won’t fix your problem I’m sure but it could help understand why this is inevitable.

  5. I will be there. We relocated 1.5 yrs ago. My daughter has finally adjusted to new high school/friends. To ask her to do it again is unfair.

    The new homes have stopped, sales of existing have slowed, expected growth has changed. The board needs to reevaluate.

    I don’t see this as inevitable. Parents and homeowners need to stick together and fight this.


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