Posted by: Todd Long | November 4, 2008

Town of Mooresville Water Bill

Did you notice your Town of Mooresville Water Bill was wrong, again?  My wife and I did.  A few months ago our bill came and the due date was a few days before it was mailed.  This month we had extra charges for service on our bill.  I received this from the Town today:

To our Water/Sewer customers:

There was an error in the printing of your November water and sewer
billing. The “current month’s charges” were doubled – showing the amount
in the “current month” and the “past due” balance. Please deduct the
“current month’s charges” from your “total due” and that is the amount
you should pay. Your balance is correct on our computer system – it is
only incorrect on the printed copy of your bill. For our customers on
automatic draft, the correct amount of your bill will be drafted on
November 10. Thank you for your understanding of this printing error.

Thank you
Town of Mooresville Business Office


If you have additional questions you may call 704-663-3800.


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