Posted by: Todd Long | November 5, 2008

Iredell County Commissioners voting results

FIrst I have a questions if anyone knows the answer.  Why are we the only state in the union that still hasn’t been colored red or blue?  I know it was an extremely close Presidential race in North Carolina but 100% of votes have been counted.

A record setting 72% of Iredell County registered voters turned out.  That’s fantastic.  The winners of our Iredell County Commissioner sets (unofficial) were: Robertson, Williams, Keadle, Gallyon.

CORRECTION: Thank you Anna for your comment and you are correct.  There were only 3 seats open and Gallyon did not make the cut.



  1. The winners of the Iredell Commissioner’s race were: Robertson, Williams and Keadle. There were only 3 open seats. Gallyon came in 4th.

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