Posted by: Todd Long | November 15, 2008

Attending Charlotte Word Camp

November 15th, 10am to 4pm

WordCamp is a mini half-day conference that focuses squarely on blogging and specifically everything WordPress. Everyone from new bloggers all the way up to core developers will attend.

Visit for more details.  GET YOUR BLOG ON!  (also on check out the guy who got stuck in the elevator.)

1:32pm Topic: Content

Look at similar blogs and do something different.

Add voices to your blog besides your own.  Add guest expert

Do a Q&A interview

Be a reporter of the facts vs all opinion

Be gimmicky-people love best and worst, winners and losers.  Add list to your blog

First things first-keep bulk of content up front of post

Stay on your subject.  Don’t ramble

Follow the Ben Franklin school of writing-if you can leave out a word, do it.

Comments-if you edit comments then you are legally taking responsibility for all comments, you can delete but don’t edit.


Sarah is the writer for the’s party page

Personality-inject YOU into the blog

Daily entries-tell your readers how often you blog so they know what to expect

Photos-people what to see photos and video

Opinion-get your readers opinion on your opinion.  It is about them

Keep it short-don’t post pages of long essays

Address readers comments-they want to know someone is listening to them

Self promote-don’t be afraid to tell people about your blog

Timely-right about what is happening now



3:03 Mark Jaquith

works for

1 of five lead developers of wordpress

What is it? Web Publishing

Why so powerful

Flexible-lots of add-ons

Community-lots of users and developers

7.4 million blogs of –you actually have to download it

12 million wordpress blogs total

Easy to use and get started

Free to use, free for any purpose


Philosophy behind wordpress

Small capable core-keep features out to keep the burden low

Use a vibrant plug-in market to add features-thousands of plugins available, thousands of .org themes

Decide options are bad


New upgrades for wordpress 2.7 due to come out soon

Automatic uploads of upgrades for

Plugin install much easier

Treaded comments

Sticky post (already in you can make a post stick to the top of your page.  For example if you have a popular post, stick it to the top for a few days/weeks.


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