Posted by: Todd Long | January 9, 2009

My Father is in the news………again. This time in Mississippi

My father, Darrell Long, has been doing mission building team work for as long as I can remember.  I guess he started about 35 years ago when he first got his General Contractors license.  At Christmas he told me he was leaving for a mission trip with a team he was leading to help Katrina victims for a week, then he was planning to be home one night and turning around for a two week trip to Mississippi to help others in need.   Last week on the way back from the first mission trip his 15 passenger van blew up! 

The story is pretty interesting and it made the news in Mississippi.




  1. I am the guy who with the help of the Holy Spirit got your dad’s van repaired. He is an awesome man of God. I’m glad we could help him. You must be very very proud of him. I talked to him last week about you and he was telling me how proud of you he is.
    K Hunter, Pascaogula, MS

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