Posted by: Todd Long | February 18, 2009

My notes from the Iredell-Statesville Schools redistricting meeting

WARNING: The opinion and “facts” expressed here are solely Todd Long’s and sometimes his listening skill may miss a few points! 🙂


The primary recommendations from the redistricting planning team:


Troutman and Shepard schools will have some line changes


Coddle Creek would go to K-6 to keep the 5th graders one more school.  There were some parent concerns about putting Coddle Creek 6thgraders into Brawley Middle one year later than the other two elementary schools that are entering Brawley.  The Coddle Creek kids would not be socially integrated into a middle school environment in an elementary school.  Dr. Holiday said the teaching team would work to rotate classes like a middle school and intramural sports don’t start until 7th grade anyway.


Lake Normanstudents will be offered to go to Alternative schools such as International Studies or they will have the option to go to South Iredell.  A question was raised about the parents being required to drive their kids to South Iredell.  If enough want to go to South the buses could run as they do now and then a shuttle from Lake Norman to South Iredell.


The recommendation team is not recommending any changes to the Lake Norman High School lines at this time as well as the notes above.  They are hoping the growth to the area slowing will help us over the next 3 years.


3 years was a figure thrown around several times which makes me think this is a 3 year plan and then we will be revisiting it again.


These seem to be the recommendation that will be made to the school board.  I encourage you to attend a meeting and form your own opinions.

Todd Long


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  2. Thanks for this update!

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