Posted by: Todd Long | March 25, 2009

ReTechSouth-fantastic conference

I attended RETechSouth conference last Friday and it was one of if not the best Real Estate Conference I have ever attended.  I feel like I’m pretty well linked in with what is going on from a technology stand point in Real Estate and that the Real Estate industry as a whole is shifting towards a social media and Internet focus.  Those thoughts were confirmed but I was very excited to hear from some of the most forward thinking people across this nation who converged on Atlanta for my benefit. 

Here is a funny video one of the guys from the conference made. 

If you think the Internet will play a vital roll in Real Estate in the future I strongly encourage you to attend ReTechSouth next year but to serve you today I am one of the volunteers helping organize ReBarCampCharlotte.  A bar camp is the Un-Conference.  There is very little agenda except to learn about Real Estate from others and it will have a technology slant.  Typically a BarCamp is free for the attendees.  We are kicking around a few dates in the next month but acquiring a space is our main concern.  That should be settled by next week and I will have additional details for you.


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