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Todd has been involved with the Mooresville Century 21 Hecht Realty office since 2003.  He started as an agent after realizing his passion for real estate while buying and selling properties for himself several years before obtaining a real estate license.  His background in sales for 6 years prior to joining CENTURY 21 was with Gateway computers.  This strict sales experience proved to be a nice benefit in real estate sales.  He has since become the Broker-in-Charge for the office. 

The primary reason he took on the challenge of being the manager of the Mooresville office was also the reason he first chose to join this office. This all began when he started as a green sales representative for Gateway computers in Kansas City and there was fantastic training that taught him sales and product knowledge.  On top of that there was on-going training, and a great manager that focused his energy to be in the top 10% of 350+ sales agents in the Gateway sales force.  In 2001 he moved back to Lake Norman, close to his family.

When Todd started looking for a real estate company he knew he had a passion for real estate from his experience buying and selling properties for his own personal account.  He had sales ability and understood the incredible power of a nationally recognized brand through his experience at Gateway.  He knew that the jump start of great market specific training had helped greatly while at Gateway.  So, when he went looking for a real estate agency he wanted to duplicate that formula of a powerful national brand and great training.  After interviewing at many companies in the area he realized Century 21 Hecht Realty was that company. 

When the opportunity became available to lead the Mooresville office to the next level he looked at the exciting core group of agents available, the outstanding training that had been developed, the power of the CENTURY 21 system and realized what a great opportunity was available.  His focus continues to be on the development of the agents in his office.  He tirelessly continues to provide up to date training & coaching, relevant market data & statistics, and constant support to his agents.  He knows how important this has been to the development of his career and wants to give anyone that works with him the same opportunities and advantages to succeed.



Century 21 Carolina Region Annual Awards Rally-Charlotte, NC March 11th 2007
Break out session co-presenter
“I have an internet lead, now what?”


Century 21 Operation High Touch Pocket Rally-Salisbury, NC July 15th 2008
Break out session co-presenter
“Blogging for Business”


Todd has the great honor of being asked to be a co-presenter of Internet Marketing techniques for Real Estate agents at the Century 21 International Convention in San Antonio, TX March of 2009. 





  1. Good Article.

    Congrats on your successes!
    Matt and Debbie

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